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Tooth Fairy Quiz

1. How many teeth are in an adult mouth?
Less than 15
Between 15 and 25
Between 28 and 32
Between 50 and 100

2. What causes cavities?
Bad breath
Germs and bacteria

3. What is plaque?
A protective coating on your teeth
Invisible sticky film on your teeth
Medicine for numbing your mouth
A special toothpaste

4. Which kinds of foods are worst on your teeth?
Milk shakes
Granola bars
Gummy bears
All of the above

5. What causes bad breath?
Decaying food trapped in your mouth
Digested food byproducts in your bloodstream
Poor dental hygiene
All of the above

6. How long should you brush your teeth?
1 minute
30 seconds
3 minutes
10 minutes

7. What is the worst thing about piercing your tongue?
It can cause a lot of pain
It could cause loss of taste
Could lead to a bad infection in your mouth
Your tongue may be exposed to more bacteria, causing it to swell
All of the above

8. What are sealants?
Special materials applied to your teeth to keep out harmful bacteria
Powerful medicine used to numb your mouth
Special instruments used to clean your teeth
Material the dentist uses to fill a cavity

9. Why is it important to brush your teeth regularly?
Improves your breath
Keeps your gums healthy
Kills cavity-causing bacteria and germs in your mouth
All of the above